Wednesday 23 December 2009

Plastic Tides

A quick update on all things EA before we head off for the Christmas break. First of all, thanks again to everyone who came down to see a slightly slimmer EA than usual at the Wilmington Arms on 26 November. It was a pretty strange experience playing for the first time ever without Amos on the drums - but also great fun stretching ourselves and finding new ways of making music. The new tracks we played will definitely see the light of day some time soon.

We’ve had a few offers for gigs in the New Year and we’ll keep you posted when they become official. In the meantime, most of our focus is on finishing our next EP, which is due out around Feb/March next year.

In the meantime, here’s an unreleased track from the EA vaults. Plastic Tides is a studio outtake recorded in June 2007 - a track that just kind of came out of nowhere perfectly formed and then faded away, never to be played again…..

<a href="">plastic tides [22.12.09] by electric assembly</a>