Friday 31 July 2009

Join The Dots / White Splinter reviewed

Here is another as-yet-unreleased track that we are really happy with, called 'Join The Dots'. We think it would be perfect as part of a soundtrack to a film...all we need to do now is find the perfect film to go with the tune! Hope you enjoy it...

<a href="">join the dots [31.07.09] by electric assembly</a>

In other news, the lovely people from Losing Today have written a review of 'White Splinter'. Some of the nice things said include...

"A pristinely honed slice of glacial sculpturing, all at once mellow and detached yet forlornly set in an inescapable bitter sweet ache of faded hope"

"A beautifully consuming kaleidoscopic dream weave of feedback ruptures and raptures"

"A gorgeously opining gem of sun bleached effects pedal laden bliss out groove"

...but you can read the full review by clicking here. You may have to scroll down the page to find it, but keep going until you see the video for 'Broken' - it's all there!

Mark from Losing Today has also posted another quick piece about us here. Once again, scroll down to the 'Heading For A Fall' video. Sweet!

Alternatively, if you want to test your grasp of the Italian language, head over to Nerds Attack and check out this review.........."the trip has already begun"!