Tuesday 19 May 2009


We've been doing some recording recently for tunes that should hopefully appear on our next release. We're really hyped with the results and looking forward to sharing the fruits soon!

David and myself have just got back from The Breeders ATP at Minehead over the weekend. We had a great time - it seemed much more relaxed than other ATP's - maybe due to an older fanbase or something. The highlights for me were Holy Fuck on the Saturday night and Deerhunter on the Sunday. Bradford Cox shows such infectious enthusiasm playing Deerhunter tunes (and one song by The Amps!), I find it pretty hard to fault a guy wearing such a big smile.

On another note, I recently read a couple of interviews I thought I would share. The first was an interview with Ben Chasny from Six Organs Of Admittance posted on The Quietus and the second was with Will Oldham that was posted on The A. V. Club website. Will/Bonnie always does cool interviews and his comments on movie soundtracks are particularly interesting. They both make for great reading if you've got some time to kill during your lunch break...


Sunday 3 May 2009

Since Floating

This is a new track we've just recorded. Since Floating was completed after we'd recorded the tracks for our new EP, so it's kind of in limbo at the moment, waiting for a future release to come along. In the meantime, here's an early mix of the track…

<a href="http://electricassembly.bandcamp.com/track/since-floating-030509">since floating [03.05.09] by electric assembly</a>

Falling Out, Fading Down

This is a previously unreleased track from 2006.

<a href="http://electricassembly.bandcamp.com/track/falling-out-fading-down-030509">falling out, fading down [03.05.09] by electric assembly</a>

Falling Out, Fading Down actually started life as a 30 minute jam, but in a move totally out of character for ea, we decided it worked better in a slightly edited form. The world isn't quite ready yet for the remaining 27 minutes. Maybe one day.....