Tuesday 23 June 2009

White Splinter E.P.

The past few months we have been working hard on finishing our new EP - 'White Splinter'. There are a couple of tunes on there that some of you may recognise from our live sets, but there are also some new jams that we are really proud of. We hope you find it in some way meditative, transportive and beautiful.

The E.P. is available as a limited edition of 100 copies, featuring hand-printed sleeves. We set ourselves up in a tiny garage that had minimum air / maximum heat, and thermographed, spray painted, stenciled, glued and hand-numbered until all 100 sleeves were ready. Working in such close quarters with glues and paints resulted in several hallucinatory experiences and temporary numbness of hands. We'd urge everyone to work in similar conditions - particularly whilst the sun is out.

So if you would like your copy of the EP to arrive in a case coated in paint, smeared with glue and with a heavy aroma of aerosol - follow the link below. We advise you to play loud and inhale hard...

Alternatively, if you'd prefer to carry music around with you in your pockets - 'White Splinter' is available as a download from Amazon, Lala, ShockHound, iTunes, emusic, Rhapsody, Napster and imvu.

Our very good friend and ultra-talented film maker Lux has made the following video for 'Broken' which appears on the EP. Turn the lights off and drift...