Wednesday 18 March 2009

Base Station Repeater

This is the track we contributed to the 2007 OMSKBOOK cd, minus the introduction from Rob da Bank that features on the original recording.

<a href="">base station repeater [18.03.09] by electric assembly</a>

Base Station Repeater marks a departure from our usual way of writing – pretty much all the parts were written by each of us individually and only combined during mixing - kind of like a musical version of Chinese whispers…or maybe more accurately that game where a group of friends takes it in turns to draw a different part of a person’s body on a folded up piece of paper – one person draws a head and neck, folds the paper and passes it on to the next person, who attaches a body to the neck, folds the paper and passes it on again. And it's only when the feet are finished that you can unfold the paper to discover the strange and wonderful creation you’ve all conjured up from your collective unconscious. Base Station Repeater is our strange and wonderful creation. The writing process was way too much fun not to return to again in the future.