Sunday 6 September 2009

Red Arrow Wander

Born from the use of mallets and loops amongst other things, this tune was recorded during a rehearsal in September of 2008. We had a set plan for that day, to practice songs that were going to be used to form the soundtrack for a friend's film idea. Unfortunately, the film was put on indefinite hold - but those sessions produced moments we are very proud of - and this is one of them. A blissed-out paean to commemorate the passing of another hazed summer...

<a href="">red arrow wander by electric assembly</a>

Saturday 5 September 2009

'White Splinter' EP available from Norman Records / Jim Dickinson / Do Make Say Think

The only place you can currently buy the remaining copies of our 'White Splinter' E.P. is from the fantastic Norman Records. They've got a stack of other awesome CD's waiting to be purchased, including Jim O'Rourke's bewitchingly tangled new release 'The Visitor'. So treat yourself to something you can hold as well as hear by visiting their on-line store.

It was very sad to hear that Jim Dickinson had passed away on the 15th August. His production work on Big Star's haunting and fractured 'Third/Sister Lovers' album is still some of the most inspiring I have ever heard - a pop record that is beautiful, joyous and disturbing in equal measures.

Happier news comes from the consistently outstanding Do Make Say Think - their new album 'Other Truths' is out on Constellation on 19/10/09. If this taster via Stereogum is anything to go by, my speakers are going to be very happy come October! Most exhilarating tune I've heard this year, so far...